Message from the President

(Mrs. Sasitorn Phongsathorn)

LH Financial Group Public Company Limited has the destination in operating a business in conformity with the good corporate governanc as the important principle together with the code of conduct and ethics for responding to the satisfaction of all stakeholders continuously which as a part of the business operation, especially, the good corporate governance at all of work contexts. In addition, all our performances have to agree with working standards, honesty, transparency and accountability. The company also operates its business by considering others corporate social responsibility, such as, fair business operation, anti-corruption, respect of human rights, fair treatment of labor, responsibility on the consumers, cooperation in the development of community and society and community, environmental management, and innovation and dissemination of innovative corporate social responsibilities. Including, all together leads the company to achieve the sustainable growth and also promote the company to obtain the ranking as 1 of the top 100 companies for listed company’s outstanding performance in terms of environmental, social and governance (ESG) ranked by Thaipat Institute as the third consecutive. In addition, the company has provided the corporate social responsibility report with the 2017 annual report for commununication in the social responsibility operation to all stakeholder.

The company has promoted the information about financial discipline by passing the knowledge, proficiency and skills in the banking sector, which established in Land and Houses Bank Public Company Limited as the subsidiary of the company to create the benefits to communities and the society by giving the private financial management knowledge and instilling a financial discipline and money saving by participated with CSR club - the Thai Bankers’ Association and the National Council for Child and Youth Development Under the Royal Patronage of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindorn and other parties such as the Stock Exchange of Thailand, the Bank of Thailand, the Financial Consumer Protection Center, Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission, and the Friends of Facilitator Networks about money saving project since 2014 including supporting the companies in the Land and Houses financial business group to operate the market conduct according to the official agencies guidelines.

We, LH Financial Group Public Company Limited sincerely hope that the report on sustainable businesses development will available for reaching our intention to take part of carrying forward and support in developing the business operation growth together with the world changing in financial system stability and sustainability. Finally, we would like to thanks shareholders, business partners, customers, all stakeholder groups and employees that have provided us a good continuous support. Additionally, we will maintain the intention and insist on the social responsibility for the stability and sustainable growth.