Message from the President

(Mrs. Sasitorn Phongsathorn)
Chief Executive Officer and President

LH Financial Group Public Company Limited and the companies in Land and Houses financial business group is determined to conduct business with good governance principles along with the fulfillment of its accountabilities to shareholders, communities and stakeholders.

2020 was the year of great challenges. All sectors, both economic and social sectors throughout the globe, were widely impacted particularly from COVID-19 pandemic. The company has prepared a resilience plan to monitor and deal with the epidemic situation, and paid close attention to the health and safety of employees. The company has also set up a working group to monitor the situation and drawn up measures to take care of employees and business continuity. For instance, some staff were allowed to work from home or split site, alcohol hand gels and masks were also provided. This includes screening measures such as temperature check, hand gel sanitizer and wearing a face mask before entering the building.

The company was concerned about its customers, business partners, public and stakeholders who were affected by COVID-19 outbreak. The companies in Land and Houses financial business group have initiated a project "Fight COVID-19 Together" by inviting executives, employees and customers to donate money to procure medical equipment and foods for healthcare personnel. In addition, the company has announced the measures to subsidize all business segments and retail loan debtors who have been affected by COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, the company has implemented the Bank of Thailand 's relief measures for loan customers, paid for goods and services faster than usual in order to alleviate the burdens of business partners so that they have adequate liquidity to continue their businesses.

Having been operating its business with good governance principles along with the accountabilities to shareholders, communities and stakeholders, the company was awarded various rewards and recognitions as follows:

  • 2019 ASEAN CG Scorecard Awards as the Thai listed companies that obtained the ASEAN CG Scorecard with the score of 97.50 points and above under the ASEAN Asset Class PLCs category. LHFG is one of the Thai listed companies among 135 firms in ASEAN countries.
  • Sustainability Disclosure Recognition by Thaipat Institute.
  • Having been selected among the top 100 listed companies with outstanding ESG performance in terms of environmental, social and governance (ESG 100) for 6th consecutive year by Thaipat Institute.
  • Having been assessed good corporate governance assessment of listed companies for 2020 by the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD). The company was rated “Excellent: 5 Stars” for the 6th consecutive year.
  • Having been assessed for the quality of the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders by the Thai Investors Association. The company has received a full score of 100 for the 8th consecutive year.

The company would like to thank our shareholders, business partners, customers, stakeholders, executives and employees for their trust and continued support in all aspects. Above all, the company is committed to conducting the business according to good governance principles.