Corporate Governance Committee's Report

(Mr. Adul Vinaiphat)
Chairman of the Corporate Governance Committee

The company's Corporate Governance Committee consists of 2 members as follows;

  1. Mr. Adul Vinaiphat Chairman of the Corporate Governance Committee
  2. Asso. Prof. Dr. Supriya Kuandachakupt Member of the Corporate Governance Committee

And Ms. Chutima Boonmee, Executive Vice President, Control Group of Land and Houses Bank Public Company Limited is the Secretary of the committee.

In addition, Asso. Prof. Dr. Supriya Kuandachakup have been appointed to be the member of the Corporate Governance Committee replacing the former directors who resigned and the appointment is effective from August 1, 2017 onwards.

The Corporate Governance Committee has performed duties under the scope of responsibilities prescribed in the Announcement of the Corporate Governance Committee Appointment assigned by the Board of Directors. During the year 2017, the company arranged the Corporate Governance Committee meeting 5 times and reported the result of the meeting to the Board of Directors. The summary is as follows:

  • Review the Good Corporate Governance Policy for appropriateness and compliance with guidelines of government agencies regulating the listed company in order to build the confidence that the company conducts its business with responsibility, transparency and integrity and fairly treat all stakeholders.
  • Review the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy for Sustainable Business Development to achieve the company sustainable growth and to promote the executives and employees to participate in social responsibility.
  • Review the Anti-Corruption Policy to enable the company’s directors and executives holding it as an operational guideline on prohibitions of offering or receiving gifts, attending parties and other benefits, bribes and inducements, charitable contributions, financial sponsorships, political participations and activities as well as receiving reports or complaints.
  • Review the policy of preventing conflict of interest to ensure the trust of business operations and the interests of shareholders and all stakeholders, including protecting against damage that may have an effect on the company’s reputation and image
  • Consent the Whistleblower Policy for protecting persons who identify clues or make a complaint to the company in order to ensure that the persons will not be suffered by damage or treated unfairly.
  • Review the company’s Code of Conducts, Directors’ Ethics and Employees’ Ethics for using as the good practices and the working standards for directors and employees at all levels. The mentioned Code of Conducts and Ethnics will help support the bank to operate its business with honesty, ensure a balance between earnings and the impact on shareholders and customer, including holding the principles of sustainable business and considering the Social and Environmental
  • Follow up the progress and give suggestion for renewing the Recertification and the Certificate of Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption
  • Represent the Company in communicating, supervising and promoting to comply with the Good Corporate Governance Policy and Anti-Corruption Policy.

We, LH Financial Group Public Company Limited recognizes the importance of the good corporate governance and business ethics in business operation for the company’s sustainable growth and building the confidence among all stakeholders and the company is confident that the good corporate governance will help maximize the value for stakeholders.